Wellington Private Investigators & Surveillance Specialists

Dion Neill’s team of Wellington-based private investigators include a team of surveillance experts with significant experience working in complex and sensitive environments.

We are not only Wellington’s leading private investigators, we are also experts in surveillance and undercover operations.

Our experience is the envy of our competitors, we have been investigating personal and commercial matters since 1987. Our private investigators in Wellington and throughout every region of New Zealand are the most skilled and experienced in New Zealand. Our private investigators are typically engaged by private, commercial and government clients to conduct a range of security, investigation and risk management services.

Our private investigation team includes qualified former detectives, senior police officers and government intelligence specialists who know how offenders think, so they know how to catch them.

Our investigation services are often used for family and relationship matters, including online dating, child custody and infidelity (suspected cheating partners). We have a lengthy track record of successfully locating missing people, including birth parents, friends and family members. Are you concerned about someone you have met online? Are you being stalked, bullied or harassed?  We provide a background check to verify an individuals identity and information, let us protect you and your property. 

Since 1987, Dion and his team have been actively involved in providing discreet private and commercial investigations in Wellington and throughout every region of New Zealand. Tired of smoke and mirrors or playing a game of cat and mouse? When you need peace of mind or need to know the truth, talk to us. We will provide you with a confidential service with empathy, discretion and professionalism, we are committed to protecting your privacy and work tenaciously to provide the answers in a timely manner. 

Our surveillance team work in highly complex and sensitive environments. Surveillance is a powerful tool that is often used to support criminal, commercial and private investigations, including the investigation of infidelity (relationship dishonesty). It can also be used to obtain evidence for a criminal prosecution. Our experience has proven that crucial intelligence can be gained from a well managed surveillance operation with a clear goal and objective.

Types of Surveillance

Surveillance can prevent a crime, obtain evidence of a crime, or document an individual’s location. Sometimes it can contribute to attaining evidence of wrongful acts in a civil suit or to gathering intelligence for future action. Although the same techniques apply to a range of common private investigation assignments, technologies vary. Consequently, the implementation of each technique is unique based on the circumstances.

Digital Surveillance

In the digital age, private investigators can leverage digital media to make their surveillance more thorough. Through social media and its GPS-based tagging, people often hand over evidence to private investigators without knowing it. Social media is a useful preliminary tool to study the subject’s habits and social circle. Social media and internet searches often produce intelligence to support a private investigation.

Visual Surveillance

Visual observation is perhaps the most depicted component of private investigation. The convenience of digital formats is getting evidence in the hands of the client quickly. Eyewitness evidence does not provide physical evidence, but a clear picture will almost always stand up as evidence in court. A private investigator will use a smartphone and video cameras with zoom lenses to collect evidence on subjects (only in public areas unless for obtaining evidence for a criminal matter).

However, in public areas, it is possible to be compromised. So often private investigators will make use of micro-cameras and disguised as buttons. This allows a private investigator to effectively blend into the environment.

Audio Surveillance

Audio monitoring is another crucial aspect of a surveillance investigation. There is no better evidence than a subject’s self-incrimination on record. Modern technology means a private investigator can easily conceal audio recording devices such as wireless body microphones.

Physical Surveillance

Physical tracking of subjects is commonly used by private investigators to stake out and keep an eye on defaulters. It is easier to use a GPS tracker to follow a subject with a small magnetic tracker. However, GPS tracking is also frequently disallowed because of privacy and consent issues.