Fraud, Theft & Relationship Dishonesty Investigations


We catch thieves, hackers, fraudsters, and cheating partners in Wellington or anywhere in New Zealand. Do you suspect your spouse or partner is not being honest? Do you suspect theft, fraud, or dishonesty in your business?

We are the only Wellington private investigators who specialise in the investigation of deception and relationship dishonesty.

Are you concerned your spouse, partner, family member or employee is consuming excessive alcohol, taking drugs or using illegal substances? We can help. Substance abuse, including drugs and alcohol, are known to be a foundation for anti-social behaviour. Online bullying and harassment has increased over the past decade. We investigate cyber (internet) bullying and physical harassment, which could be affecting you or someone you know. We can help protect you and your family.

Are you or someone you know a victim of physical or psychological abuse? Let us help, we have the resources to mitigate any risk to the safety and well being of employees, family members or any person at risk.

Theft, Fraud & Dishonesty Investigations – Wellington & New Zealand Wide

Gathering evidence and the facts of a situation, identifying discrepancies, and determining the best way forward, are components of any private investigation.

We know that theft, fraud, and other dishonesty inside a business frequently occur through a lack of internal processes and procedures, which opens a window of opportunity for people in positions of trust. We can provide the evidence to support a complaint to Police or civil legal proceedings. We have been widely recognized as ‘expert witnesses in matters before the Courts.

We carry out fraud investigations, we are being employed by clients who suspect or experience dishonesty that is more often carried out by someone they know and trust.

We help reduce the time and stress involved with fraud, theft, and dishonesty. We can work with you to gather evidence, take statements and prepare a file for Police or legal action.

Collecting the evidence is normally the first step in any private investigation. The evidence needs to be assessed and critiqued by an experienced private investigator who specialises in fraud investigations and understands the complexities of the law.

We will engage with Police for prosecution or in some cases, civil action or negotiation with the offender to repay the money is a better solution. We have investigated theft, fraud and dishonesty in the workplace since 1987. Our network is supported by lawyers, certified fraud examiners and qualified forensic accountants.

We work in collaboration with our experts and the client to ensure the best outcome possible. Our Wellington private investigators will uncover the truth and deliver the facts so you can make informed decisions.

We offer modern investigating techniques for a new era of infidelity.

Maybe your spouse or partner has recently developed a pattern of arriving home later than usual or appears to be preoccupied. Perhaps they’re are being secretive with their mobile phone or device. Maybe your spouse or partner is getting defensive for no reason.

Have you found yourself growing suspicious of your spouse or partner? Statistics indicate one in five married men and one in ten married women have engaged in a romantic or intimate affair outside of their relationship. If you are suspicious and are concerned, you are not alone.

How much is your peace of mind worth? A high percentage of the cases we investigate uncover an affair. The moment you have a suspicion is the moment to act. It’s time to unlock the truth. If you suspect your spouse is cheating on you, you deserve to find out.

If you’re seriously questioning your partner’s or spouse’s honesty, Dion Neill can help you find the truth. Whether you believe you’re dealing with a cheating partner, a cheating husband, or someone else that is trusted by you, we have the skills and experience to reveal the truth.

Since 1987, Dion Neill has been working with people from all walks of life, including executives, celebrities, high-profile people, housewives (domestic executives), and everyone in between. Typically, Dion is engaged by clients (male and female) aged between 21 and 80.

If you’re concerned about your relationship with your spouse or partner and have a feeling they are engaging in infidelity, you can find peace of mind at last with the help of our Wellington private investigators.

It’s important to remember that every single case is unique and that if you feel something is not right, listen to your gut feeling. Sometimes infidelity (relationship dishonesty) investigations uncover a problematic gambling or addiction or other problem and in these cases, our clients are relieved to discover the truth so they can deal with it appropriately.

Contact us today in confidence to find out what we can do for you.