Dion Neill and his associates deliver private investigation services in Wellington and throughout New Zealand.




Dion Neill is a Wellington's longest established private investigator. Dion and his associates focus on delivering the right service and solution to provide clarity, certainty and importantly, peace of mind.

Contact us for experienced private investigators in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch and throughout New Zealand.

Do you need to serve legal documents? Do you need to locate a missing person? Do you suspect dishonesty in your business or personal life?

Dion and his associates can help. Dion and his licensed private investigators, certified fraud examiners and surveillance specialists are experts in carrying out discreet and cost-effective investigations.  

Dion attended the Royal New Zealand Police College and achieved a certificate in investigation skills along with a Diploma of Security and Risk Management (Australia) and a number of other recognised credentials in security, investigations and risk management. 

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Do you need to uncover abuse, fraud, theft, harassment or relationship dishonesty? Our network of private investigators in Wellington and throughout New Zealand are very discreet. 

According to research, more than 25% of adults in New Zealand have cheated on their partners, and approximately 15% have had a long-term affair. Stop guessing, we are to get the facts and uncover the truth. Infidelity in a partner is a troublesome matter to confront on your own, but with the help of our trained and qualified private investigators, you may gather the facts with confidence and begin the healing process.

Our expertise and experience, as well as absence of emotional involvement, allows for efficient information gathering. We know that many people who attempt to catch their cheating spouse or partner by themselves struggle to know what to look for or feel too agitated as the process develops. Our clients have told us that months of their life were squandered trying to figure out if their spouse or partner is cheating – but could not do so because of poor investigation skills and lack of equipment.

As independent private investigators, you can be rest assured there will be no emotional attachments in our investigation process. Leave it to the professionals, hire a licensed private investigator, we investigate without emotional attachments. 

Want to find out if your spouse or partner is cheating? Hire a reputable and licensed private investigator and stop guessing! Dion and his team will deliver real evidence without smoke and mirrors.

The stakes are always high when you’re in a marriage or relationship with trust difficulties, so gathering the proof you need to establish their infidelity is critical. If not handled appropriately, the financial and emotional consequences of a divorce may be enormous. So,  if you want to navigate this sensitive situation with calm and clarity, hire a skilled licensed private investigator who can uncover the facts and provide the evidence required.

Are you seeking the truth and need answers? We work in the shadows to confirm your suspicions. 

When you suspect your partner is being unfaithful, you want to know for sure what’s going on as soon as possible. We understand the frustrating feeling of having that “gut feeling” but not knowing for sure. We can assist you in obtaining tangible proof so that you can understand the situation and determine your course of action based on the facts. 

Do I need to engage a private investigator?

There are many reasons why you might wish to engage a licensed private investigator in Wellington or anywhere in New Zealand, clients most commonly use a private investigator for the following: 

  • Individual
    • Absconded tenants, debtors and defendants
    • Tracing asset prior to repossession
    • Surveillance for criminal or sensitive personal matters 
  • Relationships
    • Divorce
    • Infidelity (suspected cheating partners)
    • Child or elderly care concerns
  • Business
    • Staff and workplace theft
    • Fraud and dishonesty 
    • Suspected drug and alcohol abuse
    • Insurance claim investigations
    • Background checks
    • Intelligence gathering 

If you raise your concerns with your staff or contractors without real evidence, then you risk a grievance claim and associated costs. If you need to speak to a licensed private investigator about any matter or concern, please complete the online contact form below or call Dion Neill - 0800 482 738.